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Welcome to the DCC

(Degen Coyote Club) 

The Degen Coyote Club is not just an NFT project, it is way of life. 

On the outside, you get carefully crafted artwork with a variety of unique traits that represent who YOU are in the DCC.


However, on the inside you have a network of people from all around the world coming together to reach the goals of Master Yote. 



Untitled_Artwork 15.png

Master Yote is the alpha Yote of the Degen Coyote Club. Master Yote has been handed down the sacred coyote secrets from his father, The Grand Yote. Master Yote's main objective is to preserve the ways of the Yotes under any and all circumstances.

"Master Yote"

Untitled_Artworks s.png


Brodie is Master Yotes younger brother.

He is the communications director of the DCC! 

Brodie is known for his willingness to go any distance to preserve the sacredness of the covenant. Brodie is Master Yotes most trusted Yote.

Yote Ranks (Discord)

0@Yote Gang : Level 0 - 5
Yote Gang : (level 0-5) Get basic access to our club. Basic giveaways that anybody can join.


Yote Cartel : (Level 6 - 9) Yote Cartel gets tier 2 exclusive giveaways. This includes cash, & NFTs of popular projects!


VIP Yote : (Level 10 - 19) VIP Yote gets access to tier 3 exclusive giveaways. This involves bigger cash prizes, more well known NFTs, WL opportunities of highly anticipated projects,


Mystical Yote : (Level 20 - 100) Mystical Yote gets all of the perks that VIP Yote gets as well as exclusive access to our Decision DAO where important decisions are made for the development of the project. This is very important and we only want the most dedicated Yotes.

White Paper

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